We support mangrove afforestation and environmental education for children.

Planting trees to protect the ocean.

Since 2002, we have provided overseas support to the Republic of the Fiji Islands.

Ever since the beginning of the 1990s when Fiji became a tourist attraction, Fiji's coastal mangroves have been drastically reduced due to activities such as road development, leading to flood damage and reduced fish hauls. Also, activities such as slash-and-burn agriculture have caused the loss of forests, leading to landslides, influx of soil into the sea, and in turn cause the destruction of coral reefs.

In light of these issues, we endorsed the "Children's Forest" project in 2002. This program aims to cultivate “a love for nature" and "a desire to protect greenery" in children while advancing afforestation in the world, by helping children plant and grow saplings on school grounds and surrounding areas.

Planting trees with our own hands and interacting with people.

We sent our staff to Fiji twice, once in 2002 and then in 2008. While engaging in the afforestation activities, we interacted with local children in the schools growing trees and local residents along the coastlines in charge of protecting the planted mangroves.

As the mangroves grow, the ocean recovers.

In 2002, we planted about 1,000 mangroves along the coast together with the local children and residents. Although many of the seedlings were washed away by waves, local staff and residents replenished these and continued the afforestation activities. As a result, a splendid group of mangroves have grown, the sea environment has improved and the fish hauls have also recovered.