Skincare Philosophy

The ideal balance of 6 essential elements - moisture, texture, clarity, protection, firmness and smoothness - is what we refer to as ORBIS BALANCE.

Our latest research led us to discover that our skin naturally has “6 beauty enzymes”, each one supporting a different beauty element of the ORBIS BALANCE.

We realised that these beauty enzymes are best activated in a “water only environment”. In other words, an environment which is 100% OIL FREE.

By activating the 6 beauty enzymes in your skin, your skin’s natural ability to revitalise and maintain a healthy radiant complexion is enhanced.

Our body contains thousands of inner enzymes that support our daily activities. 6 of these beauty enzymes are crucial to attaining healthy radiant skin.

Since it is difficult to absorb enzymes from the outside, it is important to activate the existing enzymes we have inside.

Beauty enzymes: Kallikrein-5, Caspase-14, Histidase, Transglutaminase, Dehydrogenase, Catalase

Although both women in these pictures are in their 30s, the woman in picture B has younger-looking skin.

Why the difference? Through research, we found that the woman in picture B showed higher enzyme activity than the woman in picture A.

*Research data by POLA ORBIS HD(measurement of enzymes inside horny layer)

Through research, we found that beauty enzymes are most active when given a “water only environment”.

ORBIS products do not maintain moisture by sealing the skin with oil, but are designed to naturally retain water within the skin to create an ideal environment for beauty enzyme activity.