Top tips for healthy dieting

  24-May-2017 0

Have you been dieting the proper way? Improper dieting may cause negative consequences, including deterioration in health and even weight gain! Here are some tips for proper and healthy dieting:

1)      Consume more Protein and Fiber

Replace food rich in Carbohydrates and Fats with Protein and Fiber. As Protein is not easily digested, this will cause an increase in diet-induced heat metabolism, allowing more calories to be burnt. By adding more Fiber, a better feel-full factor than Carbohydrates, you will be less prone to hunger pangs, thus reducing unnecessary snacking.

2)      Never skip meals to lose weight

Think taking lesser food equates to lesser body weight? Skipping meals not only result in lesser intake of the daily nutrients required, it also causes metabolism rate to fall! When there is no food for the stomach to digest, metabolism rate will decease overtime, resulting in under-utilisation and accumulation of calories in your body overtime. Besides, you will tend to take in more food the next meal due to suppressed hunger, causing a greater spike in weight.

Instead of skipping meals, choose a lower calorie meal alternative that keeps you feeling full while providing you the nutrients you need in a meal. Find out more about our yummy Petit Shake. 


3)      Know your calories

You can enjoy your favourite ice cream as long as you take it in moderation. An average adult requires only 1,500 calories a day for energy production. Know the amount of calories in your food and take the appropriate portion, and you could still indulge in your favourite goodies. 


4)       Regular workouts

Relying solely on controlled and balanced diet is not sufficient if you wish to shed weight quickly. Building muscle and burning fats accumulated in your body is equally crucial to ensure a healthy body mass and shape. Regular workout can boost your basal metabolism, allowing more effective energy and fat burning overtime.

Here’s an easy Triple 3 Rule to follow for effective workout:

i.                    Workout 3 times a week

ii.                   Each workout should last at least 30 minutes

iii.                 Your heart rate should reach 130bpm on average during the workout   

To further enhance fat burning, take Slim Exercise  before working out for 2 times more effective fat-burning when you move your body.

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