Caring for the earth through careful choices - Enjoying your eco-friendly life

  20-Jul-2017 0
As contemporary life grows ever more convenience-oriented, there is a growing need to have a common understanding of how important it is to protect the environment. Being ecologically aware in our lifestyles and conscious of protecting our natural environment is becoming a shared responsibility.

Among the various efforts that are practiced, one which has become particularly well established is the refilling of consumable goods. Compared to just using once and throwing away, does refilling seem like a lot of work or a bit of fun? A person’s outlook here says a lot about that person’s lifestyle.

It’s certainly true that the chore of decanting or refilling is probably something you’d want to put off during busy times. But when you do have the time to spare, it’s a great opportunity to gain a real sense that you’re doing your part, however small, for the environment. And over time, every small effort can add up to a great impact. That being the case, why don’t we try to enjoy our eco-friendly lives, conscientiously and actively. What’s kind to the environment is also kind to our fellow human beings. And if we can find that space in our hearts, then we can gain a sense of richness in our everyday lives. This richness will bring us joy and will shine forth from our smiles. 

(Photography: Hiroki Matsunaga | Hair & make-up: Yoshiko Kawashima | Model: Annie | Text: Hiromi Ueda)

Most of ORBIS’ basic 3-step skincare lotion and moisture are available in refill packs that can be transferred over to their original bottles.

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