3 Contributing factors to skin dullness

  21-Jul-2017 0

1. Lack of hydration

Water plays an important role in keeping our skin cells looking healthy and helps skin retain its elasticity and luminosity. The clarity of the stratum corneum - our outer-most skin layer – is often lost with dryness, making skin look dull. People with dry skin types are especially susceptible to dull complexion resulting from inadequate skin moisture.

Providing ample moisture is important in giving your skin the needed hydration boost. Give your skin a treat once or twice a week at night with Night Time Pack Koubijin that is rich in moisturising Amino Acids, vitamins and minerals. It works as a clarity mask to overcome skin dullness, dryness and loss of firmness while you sleep.

2. Lack of Sleep

The most common cause of temporary skin dullness is actually the lack of sleep, an important time where the skin cells repairs and regenerate themselves. Skin renewal is most active between 10pm to 2am at night so it’ll be good to make it a habit to sleep during the period.

3. Not exfoliating enough

Regular exfoliation creates a fresh canvas to see the bright skin beneath the old skin cells that pile up on the surface of skin that often leaves skin looking dull, rough and dry. By exfoliating this build-up of dead skin cells, it also allows topical products to penetrate and absorb better by the skin.

ORBIS Aqua Peeling Gel is a gentle exfoliating gel is a gentle formulation that loosens old skin cells and remove it together with superfluous impurities without stripping away essential parts of the corneal layer. Regular use banishes dullness and roughness for smooth translucent skin.

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