3 Tips for smoother, refined pores

  18-Aug-2017 0

1) Use an enzyme powder cleanser in place of regular face wash

Pores can appear larger when it’s clogged with impurities. While ordinary facial cleansers are able to remove surface impurities and dirt on skin, they are not as effective in getting rid of keratin plugs which are formed from hardened blackheads and whiteheads stuck within pores. Enzyme cleansers have a stronger cleansing powder designed to break down dead skin cells and other impurities naturally and should be used in place of your regular face wash 2-3 times a week.

Powder Wash + is formulated with two different enzymes - Protease and Lipase - that each tackle the old keratin and sebum components of keratin plugs. Add it to your skincare regime to achieve smoother and brighter skin when you add it to your skin care regime.


2) Avoid harsh scrubs and over-scrubbing

Using harsh scrubs and over-scrubbing dries up skin easily, making it flaky which actually creates more dead skin cells that can block pores. Aqua Peeling Gel is a gentle exfoliating gel that reacts only with superfluous impurities that have risen to the surface without stripping away essential parts of the corneal layer while providing moisture and boosting the penetration of facial lotion used in the next step of your skincare regime.


3) Never go to bed before removing makeup thoroughly

You might feel tired after a full-day out but don’t be lazy and go to sleep before removing all your makeup! Leaving it on your face overnight can worsen clogged pores. Oil-based makeup removers have their advantages but it could melt away precious moisture-retaining intercellular lipids along with the makeup which dehydrates the skin and cause dullness.

ORBIS The Cleansing ONE is an oil-free makeup remover with Sensor Catch Technology that eliminates waterproof makeup and grime without stripping away your skin's essential intercellular lipids that make up the skin’s precious natural oils and are vital for moisture-retention, thereby preventing your skin from drying out.

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