Not just another habit - Take pleasure in your morning face wash ritual

  20-Sep-2017 0

Do you wash your face in the morning? Most women would surely respond in the same way: “of course I do!”. But what if you were asked why you wash your face?

There are plenty of possible reasons – to remove sebum and dirt, or for a quick wake-me-up. But if washing your face has become little more than something you do out of habit, then you’re wasting an opportunity.

Washing your face should lift your mood to feel refreshed and ready to face the day. It’s all the more important to take the time to freshen yourself up from your hectic lifestyle. No matter what may have happened the day before, the morning is always a brand new day that has the power to reset everything.

This is exactly why it’s vital to be conscious of how your skin needs only moisture and nothing more every morning. Perhaps your morning face wash should be better thought of as a ritual that sets a new day on the right note

Start your day with your favourite face wash and when you catch your reflection in the mirror, notice your pleasant mood and give yourself a smile. A morning face wash doesn’t just work on your face, it works on your soul, too!

(Photography: Hiroki Matsunaga | Hair & make-up: Yukako Kimura (addmix B.G) | Model: Annie | Text: Hiromi Ueda)

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