3 Ways You May Be Removing Your Makeup Wrongly

  20-Oct-2017 0

Let’s face it – not removing your makeup at the end of the day is a cardinal sin. It might be a chore after a long day or night out, but skipping this routine could stress your skin, leading to problems such as clogged pores and premature ageing, to name a few. Because removing your makeup is vital for keeping skin clean and fresh, it’s important to do it correctly. Read on to find out three ways you may be removing your makeup wrongly – and what you should be doing.

1. Rushing through the job

We know, removing makeup is something that we all want to get done and over with as quickly as possible. However, a shoddy job isn’t going to do you any good either. For example, the edge of eyelids is often overlooked, and when eyeliner and mascara builds up over time, it can lead to eye irritation and even infection. The hairline, corners of the nose and jawline are other areas that are also commonly neglected.

2. Being too rough

Another mistake is rubbing the eye area when removing makeup. It might be tempting to do so, but you risk developing fine lines because the skin surrounding this area is extremely thin and delicate. Makeup wipes may be fuss-free, but they are usually too aggressive for the sensitive skin around the eyes. Instead of rubbing, gently massage to remove makeup.

3. Not using an oil-free cleanser

If your skin experiences dryness, tightness and itchiness when you remove your makeup, your cleanser could be the cause. Some oil-based cleansers can strip away protective components of your skin, gradually weakening it.

Intercellular lipids are natural oils found in the skin that work like glue to hold the skin cells tightly together to prevent loss of moisture from the skin, and standard oil cleansers tend to wash them off along with your makeup. Without sufficient intercellular lipids, skin cells destabilise and this causes moisture to escape easily, resulting in dryness, fine lines and sagging skin.

The Cleansing One is a 100% oil-free makeup cleanser that removes even waterproof makeup. It uses advanced Sensor Catch Technology which cleverly targets and removes only makeup and impurities without eliminating the skin’s essential intercellular lipids, resulting in softer healthier skin. Moreover, and ultra-hydrating combination of Soft Moisture Ingredient, Amino Acids and Sodium Hyaluronate replenish moisture loss, creating plump and youthful skin with greater radiance and softness.

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