Up Close and Pore-sonal: The Lowdown on Pores

  22-Feb-2018 0

Pores – how can something so miniscule have the ability to wreck so much havoc on our skin? Read on to find out how pore troubles arise and what you can do about them. You know what they say – you should know your enemy!

Pores are small openings on the outermost layer of our skin. Pesky as they may be, they perform many functions that are vital to the body. Pores secrete sweat, which regulates body temperature, and also produce sebum, a natural oil that lubricates the skin and prevents it from losing moisture.

Many pore concerns often start when there is an over-secretion of sebum, which mixes with other grime within the pore such as keratin (dead skin cells). When sebum and keratin accumulate and harden over time, they result in pore clogs. Although pore size is genetically decided, they will look larger if they’re clogged.

That’s where a proper cleansing routine comes in. Keeping your pores free of grime will lead to healthy skin, and taking these steps will help you to achieve freer, cleaner, healthier pores.

Do a deep cleanse

Now that you know what causes pores to become clogged, you need a cleanser that can reach deep into pores to break down pore-clogging components. Powder Wash + is a deep pore cleanser formulated with 2 different enzymes, protease and lipase, which break down sebum and keratin for effective removal. Also, its powder to foam formula gently cleanses the skin without irritating it.


The skin constantly replenishes new cells, causing a layer of dead skin cells to form on the top of skin which could be blocking pores. Aqua Peeling Gel is a gentle exfoliator that helps to remove dead skin cells on the skin surface without over-stripping it. By removing dead skin cells and unblocking pores, it also allows skincare products to better penetrate the skin.

Gently extract stubborn black and whiteheads

Blackheads form when pore clogs harden and oxidise over time, causing clogs to darken, while whiteheads are sebum clogged under the skin that normal cleansers are unable to capture. Care-na Hot Cool Gel removes black and whiteheads without the harsh effect of pore strips. The gel warms up, dilating pores and allowing Charcoal Powder and three different types of scrubs to loosen and get rid of hardened sebum. Thereafter, its cooling after-effect shrinks pores.

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