Going Green: ORBIS cares for the environment

  19-Apr-2018 0

Since ORBIS was founded in 1987, it has always been mindful of reducing the environmental burden of its activities. Read on to learn what ORBIS is doing to care for the environment.

1. Packaging

The cosmetics industry in itself is at odds with the environment, since its products often come in fancy packaging that enhance their aesthetic appeal. In 1990, ORBIS decided to go against this convention by adopting thin film packaging. Inspired by the packaging of bread, where air inside the film serves as a cushion to protect the soft bread, ORBIS applied the same idea to its products. Customers were both happy to be able to reduce waste and see the contents of the product inside the packaging before making their purchase, and this positive response has encouraged ORBIS to use film packaging in most of its products.

2. Refills

ORBIS began selling refill type products in 1991 to minimise waste. At that time, refill packs for cosmetics were rare, and ORBIS was a pioneer in the industry. In 2011, research was conducted to give a numerical insight into the extent that refill type products help the environment was conducted using the Aqua Force Lotion. The results showed that refill type containers reduce CO2 emissions by 89.1% compared to the original containers. This makes refill packaging an easy way for customers to be environmentally friendly by making a simple change.

3. Tree planting

Forests are a vital part of the earth, purifying the atmospheric air and providing habitats for wildlife to live in. If we want to preserve the earth for the survival of our future generations, it is essential to protect our forests. Since 2002, ORBIS has been involved in forestry projects. These include tree planting in the Yamanashi Prefecture of Japan, where efforts have been made to diversify the species of trees to make the forest strong against pest attacks. Forestry activities have also been carried out in the Mount Fuji area, where an extensive amount of trees had previously died due to damage from pests.

In support of Earth Day this year, enjoy bonus 300 points on every refill pack purchased from 20 April – 17 May 2018.

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