Warm up: foods that improve blood circulation

  20-Sep-2018 0

A country situated near the equator, Singapore’s tropical climate means that it is sunny almost 24/7 – sometimes unbearably so. However, its rainy seasons can be unpredictable. In addition to torrential downpours, temperatures dropped to an all-time low of almost 21 degrees Celsius earlier this year.

Traditional Chinese medicine holds the belief that the human body and health are connected to the environment, which means that changes in the weather can affect our body, and therefore our health as well. Besides layering up for warmth when the weather turns cold, did you know that you can boost your body temperature naturally from within by adding certain ingredients to your cooking?

Ginger is a classic staple in the kitchen which is known to aid the overall digestive process. Because of its high heating powers, it can help to boost metabolism and promote blood circulation within the body.

Cinnamon is a condiment that contains high levels of antioxidants comparable to those found in superfoods. It also helps to promote blood circulation and improve blood oxygen levels to help build up the immune system. Widely used to alleviate poor digestive systems, it is beneficial for reducing some of the negative effects of eating high-fat foods, aiding with weight loss and nurturing a healthier body that is better able to process food.

As these foods improve blood circulation, they are also suitable for people who experience cold hands and feet, discomfort after eating, have sore joints, or have fluid retention.

Super Aronia EX is a supplement containing Aronia Anthocyanin extracted from aronia berries, which enhances the body’s fat burning ability for more efficient weight loss. It also contains Black Ginger Extract and Cinnamon Extract, which promote blood circulation and warm the body.

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