After-party skincare tips

  22-Nov-2018 0

If you’ve got a slew of Christmas and New Year celebrations on your calendar, we’re sure you’re preparing to look your best. What many people forget about is what comes after the party – boozy late nights and thick makeup can leave skin in a weakened state. Post-event skincare is important for preventing damage and maintaining a healthy skin condition. Get tips on after-party care so that you can ring in the new year with problem-free skin.

Remove makeup thoroughly

Being lazy is not worth it – not removing makeup completely can clog up pores, resulting in visible pores, blackheads and worse still, breakouts. Spare yourself the hassle of makeup removers that require several attempts at removing heavy makeup with a fuss-free makeup remover. The Cleansing One’s smart technology targets only makeup without stripping away the skin’s moisture so that skin does not become dry. Its oil-free formulation also means that it can be used on eyelash extensions.

Perk up tired eyes

“You look tired today” is the last thing most of us want to hear. Repeated late nights can result in dark eye circles, which give a haggard appearance. Pamper your eye area with a relaxing eye serum mask like Hot Eye Refre Pack. Warming the eye area, it improves blood circulation and contains botanical ingredients which help to banish under eye dullness.

Regenerate fatigued skin

A packed year-end schedule can start to take a toll, and signs of stressed skin can show up in the form of a dull, sallow complexion, rough skin and under eye circles. Get your skin back on the right track with Advancing Essence Gel, an anti-stress essence targeted at dullness and damage which stimulates healthy cell development and delivers intense moisture to promote effective skin turnover.

Correct dullness

If your skin isn’t looking its best and you’re about to step out, quickly erase dullness with Skin Moisture Base’s pinkish tint which evens out skin tone and gives a healthy, dewy appearance. It provides lightweight coverage, and is formulated with a moisturising beauty serum suitable for all-day wear.

#BeautyTip: Get a boost of antioxidants

Whether you are feeling the post-party fatigue or simply want to maintain good health, vitamins are a good choice to supplement any nutrients the body is lacking and for their antioxidative effects. Formulated with 19 types of antioxidant-rich ingredients including Vitamins A, C and E and Coenzyme Q10, Broccoli Sprout Extract and Lychee Seed Extract, Active Daily Vitamins can provide a daily boost of energy you’ll need even more during busy festivities.

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