The Japanese art of tidying up your beauty stash.

  20-Jun-2019 0

As we cross the mid-year mark, have you followed through on your KonMari resolutions?

When “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” premiered on Netflix at the beginning of this year, it became an instant pop culture sensation. Although audiences were hardly new to the concept of home makeover shows, the eponymous decluttering method conceived by organising consultant Marie Kondo had an element of finding joy in the tidying up process, spurring people around the world to try applying the KonMari method in their own lives.

The KonMari method isn’t simply a brief “trending now” fad. Its popularity started in Japan in 2011 long before it became a hit with international audiences, and is a helpful guide to anyone who wants to overhaul a messy space, whether you’re about to make a new year’s resolution or you’ve just remembered that you should be keeping one. One of Marie Kondo’s rules is tidying up by category, and your beauty stash shouldn’t be spared.

We know – it’s hard. Today there are more skincare products to choose from than ever, and it’s made us more adventurous and experimental. However, it’s possible that elaborate skincare routines may end up doing more harm than good as they can cause increased skin sensitivity from different products being used together, which may counteract one another or irritate skin. If you layer too many products, they may also not absorb properly and may cause clogged pores or breakouts. This could damage the skin barrier and wreak havoc on the skin’s pH.

Japanese beauty routines focus on simplicity and protection, with the goal of bringing out healthy skin to enhance your natural beauty. Rather than chasing trends, it’s more about not adding anything unnecessary – much like what the KonMari method recommends. Here are some tips on how to organise both your beauty stash and routine.

1. Curate your skincare lineup

Knowing the products that actually work for you is key. It can feel like everything is essential, but consider which items spark the most joy for you. It might be a no-brainer, but throw out any products that are expired too. Plus, you get extra storage space or simply more breathing room.

2. Adopt a routine you can stick to

Once you’ve managed to do point 1, this should be easier. A simplified routine is more realistic, especially if you have commitment issues when it comes to skincare. With skincare, it also takes time and consistency to see more visible results, and if you often end up skipping steps in your routine, consider paring down your daily routine to just the must-have steps:

Daytime: Facial Wash + Lotion + Moisturiser + Sunscreen

Nighttime: Makeup Cleanser + Facial Wash + Lotion + Targeted Care (eye cream, serum) + Moisturiser

3. Listen to your skin

Everyone’s skin is different, so something that works for your friend may not necessarily do the same for your skin. If you’re trying a new product, try to stick to it for more than 7 days before you get tempted to add a new purchase to your skincare pile. Moreover, some products can take at least 4 weeks to start making a difference, so continued use is necessary to maintain results.

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