A clean slate: tips for getting the best out of your cleanse.

  24-Oct-2019 0

Washing your face is the first step of your skincare routine – make sure you’re doing it right.

The humble facial wash usually takes a back seat in contrast to other fancier skincare products such as serums and moisturisers, and washing our face itself is something that is easily taken for granted – something to get over with quickly before we move on to the next steps in our routine. Yet being the first step, cleansing should be done with the same amount of care as everything that comes after as not cleansing properly can affect the efficacy of the rest of your products. The best thing of all is that getting it right is fairly simple – just follow the tips below for cleaner and healthier skin.

Double cleanse

You should do a double cleanse not only to take off your makeup, but to remove sunscreen as well. Sunscreens, many of which are water-resistant and have long staying power, are designed to adhere to your skin so they do their job of protecting the skin from harmful UV rays – but they cannot simply be removed with a regular facial wash. A makeup remover will help to break down sunscreen and makeup sitting on top of your skin first, and going in with your facial wash after will ensure that your face is thoroughly cleansed.

Use the right water temperature

While a splash of hot water may feel nice, it’s not such a good thing for the skin. Hot water strips the natural oils from your skin, drying it out. It can also be too harsh and lead to increased sensitivity or irritation. Lukewarm water is enough to help loosen dirt and sebum without stripping the skin.

Give your facial wash time

Do you spend the least amount of time in your routine on washing your face? You actually need to give your facial wash time to work – to penetrate the skin and break down and remove grime effectively. Spending more time also ensures that you pay attention to every nook and cranny so you don’t miss out on any part of the face. It is recommended to gently massage your face in outward circular motions for a full minute, which also stimulates blood circulation.

Don’t neglect the neck

Cleansing and skincare doesn’t just stop at the face and chin – the neck area should always be included. The neck is known as one of the first areas to show signs of ageing because it is commonly neglected in skincare routines. Your facial wash should also reach your hairline area, another place that tends to get overlooked and where breakouts can occur.

Be gentle

The skin on your face is delicate. After cleansing, gently pat your face dry with a soft towel, taking extra care around the eye area. Rubbing can harm skin, cause inflammation and irritate your skin barrier. Because the towels you use to dry your hair and body could have residue from bath products on them, it is advisable to use a separate towel for your face.

Moisturise straight after

When your skin is left bare, it loses moisture to the surroundings. Go on to your next skincare step right after you have washed your face to lock in hydration. Moreover, applying lotion and moisturiser straight away is recommended because your face will be in its cleanest state.

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