Skincare on the fly.

  21-Nov-2019 0

Booked your ticket and packed your bags for a year-end vacation? Make sure you take these skincare essentials along with you.

The end of the year is when many of us look forward to being out-of-office – more specifically, out of the country, away on a long-awaited holiday. While some of you may be stressing out from trying to decide which skincare products to bring along, there’s also those who give into the temptation to skip skincare altogether – and by the time you’re back home, your skin condition is making you want to call in sick. Read on for the skincare must-haves for travel, and best of all, you’ll have no problem packing them into your carry-on.

Keeping skin hydrated is key. Your skin is at risk from the moment you step into the airplane as cabin air lacks humidity and is extremely drying. Travel-friendly skincare miniatures like the ORBIS U Trial Set are perfect to take along as they save you the hassle of transferring your products to smaller bottles, which could also risk contamination. The ORBIS U series provides the skin with deep hydration that revitalises skin cells, helping them to function optimally for radiant, hydrated and plump skin throughout your travels.

Sunscreen is also a must, even on the plane. UV rays are more intense at higher altitudes and can penetrate window glass. Even in cold climates, UV rays are still present and can also be reflected off snow. Sunscreen on Face is an ultra lightweight sunscreen which helps to conceal pores and dullness at the same time. This multitasker is great as it can be used as a primer or simply worn on its own.

DEFENCERA is our latest travel companion. This innovative oral skin care is the first and only skin care food in Japan to be recognised by the Japanese government for its effectiveness and safety, and prevents moisture from escaping skin on the entire body. In a yuzu-flavoured powder that is conveniently packaged into small single-dose sachets, it is our top pick for travel-friendly skin care. What’s more, its powder form not only guarantees no spills, but also melts in your mouth so you do not need to take it with water. 

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