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Japan's First Edible Moisturiser


$50.00 SGD


Sleeping mask that rejuvenates tired-looking skin caused by sleep deprivation. Formulated with 4 types of overwintering botanical extracts that restore skin’s firmness, moisture and glow.
$40.00 SGD


Makeup remover with multiple skin clarifying functions.

What Our Customers Say

    Edible Moisturiser
    ORBIS Defencera Yuzu

    I have been reading so much about rice ceramides and how it keeps our skin moisturised from the inside out. Finally decided to try for myself. It has been more than a week and I can already feel the difference in my skin. I have eczema which worsened after I had my Covid19 jabs and it really helps to keep the skin moisturised.
    L*** K***
    Wrinke Bright UV Protector

    I've tried MANY sunscreens. Was given a sample at Orbis store and really liked that it doesn't dry your skin or make it overly oily or leave a white cast. Recommend!
    Excellent Service
    ORBIS Flagship Store @ Takashimaya

    No doubt in their service oriented staff and knowledgeable of their products to meet their customer expectations.
    G*** K***
    U Essence Lotion
    ORBIS U Essence Lotion

    This lotion has a water-like texture that melts into a refreshing liquid upon contact with the skin. Suitable for externally oily & internally skin. Plus point is the product is oil and fragrance free! 
    CLEARFUL Acne Spots

    Have been using this product. Love how it heals pimple faster!
    A***** L**
    Defencera PEACH

    Had finished consuming my first box (1 mth supply) and already I can see some results. Skin is less dry on my hands and feet. Face is not as oily (because moisture is locked in). Will continue with 2 more boxes to see better improvement!

    A Must Have Product
    Slim Keep

    I love to eat. Slim Keep product has permitted me to consume without guilt. I slim down significantly and maintain my weight. I thought I looked healthier now.
    R****** Y**
    Excellent Product
    Super Aronia

    This product enhanced my metabolism and improved my immune system. I couple this with the Slim Keep product and I am to drop a few kilograms; that boosts my confidence.
    R****** Y**
    Good Cleansing Liqiuid!
    ORBIS Cleansing Liquid

    I've been using this product to remove my makeup, and I must say, it's been a game-changer for me. It not only keeps my skin hydrated but also leaves it feeling supple and smooth. The fact that it is oil-free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free, and free of artificial colors gives me the confidence that I'm using a safe and reliable product.
    J*** L**
    U Foaming Wash
    ORBIS U Foaming Wash

    Always my go-to cleanser. Cleases thoroughly but doesn't strip the skin dry
    Defencera MUSCAT

    Lost count of how many boxes I've gone through but really enjoy taking this as part of my daily supplements, helps with drier areas like my elbows and lips! Love the muscat flavour. And received it within a day!
    Great Foam Wash
    Mr. Foaming Wash

    My husband has been using this for many years and it doesnt dry his skin!
    M****** L**
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