Less than Pore-fect - 3 Dangers of Using Pore Strips

  20-Sep-2017 0

When pore strips were first introduced, they were hailed as a miracle product that delivers instant results. After all, you can literally see the dirt that’s been removed after peeling off the strip, right? However, pore strips can actually do more harm than good to the skin. Read on to find out 3 reasons why you should stop using pore strips, and how to combat pesky blackheads!

1. Pore strips can irritate skin

If you have naturally delicate skin or existing skin issues, beware – pore strips can potentially tear or damage your skin because of their abrasive nature. Pore strips can also cause irritation, especially for those suffering from sensitive or acne-prone skin. Our skin contains natural oils to keep itself healthy, but pore strips can make pores more prone to irritation because they strip the skin of natural oils. Moreover, the adhesive could get into pores, causing breakouts.

2. Pore strips can stretch your pores

Many of us are terrified of having enlarged pores, and unfortunately, pore strips don’t offer any help. Tearing off a pore strip stretches your pores, which can lead to pores getting enlarged over time. Larger pores mean that dirt and dead skin collect more easily, which makes skin even more susceptible to blackheads and worse still, irreversible damage.

3. Pore strips are not a permanent solution for blackheads

Unfortunately, pore strips cannot remove blackheads completely. They are unable to loosen and extract entire blackheads, so the roots of the blackheads remain stuck in your pores. What’s more, pore strips cannot prevent blackheads from recurring.

Care-na Hot Cool Gel is a gentler, more effective alternative to using pore strips. With charcoal powder and a unique warm and cool sensation, it gently cleanses pores, effectively removing stubborn blackheads and whiteheads without stripping the skin of its protective layer. The gel warms up to loosen pores, while three scrubs and a rich amount of charcoal powder capture and get rid of deep-seated blackheads and whiteheads. Thereafter, the gel cools and shrinks pores. In addition, hamamelis leaf extract tones and firms skin, and hyaluronic acid and permeable collagen moisturise and prevent dryness. A convenient addition to your skincare routine, simply use it after your facial wash once or twice a week to prevent black and whiteheads from recurring.

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