#nofilter: Do You Have The Basics for Flawless Skin?

  20-Oct-2017 0

We all want that #nofilter look: an enviable, blemish-free complexion that looks naturally radiant, as though you are not wearing any makeup.

Ever notice that the common things you edit away in photos are blemishes, wrinkles and sagging skin? That’s why establishing a flawless base is essential, both for applying makeup more effectively and a better appearance overall. Here are three tips to getting that base right!

1. Keeping your skin properly cleansed is key to having healthy, bright skin and reducing the use of concealer – which can look obvious and unflattering in photos. Having moist skin is also important to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Powder Wash + cleanses thoroughly yet gently, retaining moisture for poreless skin.

2. Another tip for no makeup-makeup is a clear and smooth finish. To achieve this, the lightweight Skin Active Serum can be used a booster that helps other skincare products to be absorbed more effectively. It also promotes healthy skin turnover and combats roughness and visible pores.

3. The last thing you want to do is leave the house after painstakingly doing your makeup, only to notice that it is already caking from an overload of products. Melty Moist BB is a 6-in-1 moisturising BB cream that functions as a moisturising serum, sunscreen, base, foundation, concealer and powder, eliminating the need to use too many products. It contains Pore-hiding Powder that provide effective coverage for pores with long-lasting soft-focus finish. Fine Moisture Particles, containing Permeable Collagen and Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, form a Serum Veil that holds 115% more moisture to supply hydration and enhance the skin’s protective barrier.

Here’s a bonus tip: to achieve smooth, plump skin, drink a bottle of Collagen 12,000. It contains 12,000mg of fish collagen peptide as well as antioxidant-rich Acai berries. Beauty is not only skin deep, it starts from the inside!

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