ORBIS’ Beauty Trainer shares 5 products she can’t live without

  18-Jun-2018 0

If there’s someone who knows ORBIS products like the back of her hand, it’s Yuki, our Beauty Trainer. Besides possessing a wealth of product knowledge, she also enjoys leading an active lifestyle and loves doing sports in her free time. We sat down with Yuki to let us in on the products she can’t live without. Read on to find out why she loves them!

1. Advancing Essence Gel

Why she can’t live without it: “It revives my fatigued skin the next morning when I’m super busy and tired,” Yuki says. Many of us have hectic lifestyles where lack of sleep and mental stress are all too common, and the resulting damage can show on our faces in the form of tired appearance and dull looking skin. Advancing Essence Gel is particularly helpful as it is an anti-stress essence that helps to regenerate soft and glowing skin by encouraging cell development and effective skin turnover.

2. Sunscreen Super

Why she can’t live without it: Sunscreen is an essential skincare step, and Yuki’s personal favourite is ORBIS’ Sunscreen Super. She says, “I like its waterproof formula. It also helps to keep my current pigmentation from darkening further, especially when I like to exercise in the sun.” Suitable for outdoor activities, this super waterproof sunscreen strengthens its protection against damaging UV rays when it comes into contact with sweat or water.

3. Whitening Water Jelly

Why she can’t live without it: A 3-in-1 body gel with brightening, moisturising and cooling effects, Whitening Water Jelly reduces UV damage by suppressing the development of melanin, which is responsible for pigmentation. “Despite being exposed to the sun and getting tanned as a result, my darkened skin gradually lightened and my skin feels softer after using it too,” Yuki says. Whitening Water Jelly is also handy for soothing sunburns with its moisturising ingredients that permeate skin and lock in moisture, making it a must-have item for summertime.

4. Slim Exercise

Why she can’t live without it: Yuki explains, “As we age, it gets increasingly difficult to stay slim because our metabolism slows down. My solution is to keep fit through exercise. Slim Exercise doubles the amount of fat burning when I’m exercising, and even when I’m not exercising but in an active state (e.g. commuting to work), it continues to help with fat burning.” Great for those who have active lifestyles, Slim Exercise is a diet supplement which helps to enhance the fat burning process for more effective weight loss with ingredients that increase fat combustion time as well as metabolism.


Why she can’t live without it: As part of the ageing process, our body’s DNA gets damaged, which affects the production of enzymes that support healthy skin. Yuki’s choice of skincare is the anti-ageing ORBIS =U ENCORE series, which stimulates the repair of DNA damage with D.N.A. Hibis Extract, boosting enzyme activity within the skin. Its ingredient Even Wateroil allows rich moisture to be evenly distributed and absorbed into skin with no sticky feeling. “I remember that I used to have obvious laugh lines before using this skincare series, but after 2 months, my laugh lines were visibly reduced and my skin looks firmer too!”

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